Thursday, January 06, 2005

Analysis of Tables

From my point of view, a 48 hours timespan is not enough to come up with a relevant and no where near a conclusive and definite findings. My opinion is that it takes the same day in a different week to get a rather definitive comparison. Only then can we compare "apple to apple" and sieve out the exclusive events from the norm. This is similar to that of doing an experiment with a "control" used as a benchmark so as to monitor any progress.

However, in light of my comments above, I'd like to point out that I do have a similar waking up and sleeping times. This is due to my effective 'body clock' function. As for the events taking up during these two important times, they are dictated by the school timetable. Events such as lectures and Lab sessions do occupy important time slots during the day.

During the course of coming up with the two tables, I found it difficult to list out ALL the different things that I had done. For a very detailed analysis, it would take much more time to state activities like going to the gents, staring into open spaces, yawning and all the nitty-gritty stuffs. Even with 15 minutes intervals would not be an accurate depiction of the activities I had done for the day.

As for the relationship between the cost and value, there is not a direct link at all. An activity might cost $10 to do but the value would be low or medium. However, an activity which doesn't require any cash would be rated of high value! This is because the correlation is not determined by the amount of cash involved. Value is often the perceived 'weight' of a certain action. If the action contains very important information, example the lecture contents, I will regard it as a high value action because it is examinable at the end of the semester.

Well, this is how far I've come up with and will add on in due time any other important findings or materials. Now is the time to do my tutorials....


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