Sunday, January 30, 2005

The "Flashy" Wednesday

The last seminar was basically a flashy wednesday with all the groups prepped up to sell what seems to be their product or business ideas.
The problem was my group, The Disruptors were the only flashless group, opting to use powerpoint. I must say that the end product was still equally devastating, but there was of course, room for improvement.
Sadly enough was the fact that the flash course that I signed up for (which costed me $10 btw), was to be held AFTER the seminar. My review about this course is that it's too basic for me and it's not useful for our MB362 course.

As for the article review, I would say that consumers be charged 12 Euros for mobile TV is quite an affordable price. This price was conjured after a market research.
We shall see when this technology will take off in the coming years.
Me for sure will not subscribe to this type of technology not because I don't have the financial ways of subscribing to it but rather find it pointless since mobiles have small screens and public transport in Singapore do have their own mobileTV.


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