Monday, January 17, 2005

Technology Infrastructure

The most recent MB362 lecture that we had covered the abovementioned, namely "Technology Infrastructure". A most intriguing history lesson which transcends into more and more definition based terminologies. A really information overload for someone as 'outdated' as me...

Things that were covered include the normally heard terms such as Local Area Networks(LAN), Internet Protocol(IP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP), Uniform Resource Locator(URL)and Hypertext Markup Language(HTML). There were also terms which I've probably heard somewhere but just chucked it somewhere in the subconscious mind of mine.

What I've learnt=>

The internet has come a long way to its present form and usage patterns. It started as a group of computers to one that connects the whole world with a touch of a mouse. With more technological advancements, the internet becomes the experimental test bed. Human dependencies on the internet is so high as most written texts are more or less readily available online. Huge cache of information can be found through the internet.


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