Saturday, March 26, 2005

Seven.Five ... It is Now Ready for 4G

Comarco Wireless Test Solutions launches a new and more powerful processor module, expanding the capabilities of the Seven.Five system to meet the high-speed data requirements for testing cellular networks worldwide utilizing the latest, and future, generations of handsets and data cards. Seven.Five is now ready to test high-speed data networks employing technologies such as Ev/DO, HSDPA, UWB and OFDM.

Since it is downward compatible with all existing Seven.Five systems installed worldwide, it can be added to those systems to enhance their capabilities.

Due to the volume and speed of data transfer experienced with high speed data technologies, unique challenges arise. Test systems must be able to handle a huge quantity of data and still have enough processing power to accurately control, collect, analyze and display engineering information that supports the data call. Additionally, with the upsurge of PC card usage, providing a test platform that can accommodate multiple data cards, without compromising RF and data isolation, is crucial.

"As mobile terminals become more and more carriers of high-speed data, the ability to test a wide variety of phones and data cards becomes important," notes Greg Maton, senior vice president of Comarco. "Our commitment to continually update and integrate the latest devices into the Seven.Five system is key to keeping our customers current and looking ahead of the needs of their respective markets."

The Seven.Five system now handles the widest selection of devices, handsets and data cards in the industry, and offers users the ability to test the 3G environment with the same or similar devices as those owned by the cellular end users.

Testing Multiple Data Cards Simultaneously

One of the spectacular features of the new processor module is the ability to test multiple data cards while isolating their IP stacks, routing tables and application layer information. This assures that each device can be tested without any interaction or errors introduced by other devices or phones.

This ability is particularly crucial when testing video capabilities of the network, from video streaming to making video calls. Due to the high processing requirements of the video measurement algorithm and the sheer amount of data that needs to be transferred for this application, the Seven.Five is the only test system that can truly test video capabilities without introducing false degradations.

Testing the 3G Network through the Eyes of the End User

Seven.Five is known worldwide as the only system to truly test the cellular environment through the eyes of the end user. The same is true of the new high-speed data system. For example, the HTTP browser uses Internet Explorer to ensure that all application layer enhancements are captured and the actual user experience is measured. This same philosophy is used in all data test scenarios, such as: email send/receive; FTP UL/DL; UDP; WAP; MMS; SMS and others.

About Comarco

Based in Irvine, Calif., Comarco is a leading provider of wireless test solutions for field test applications, ChargeSource(R) universal mobile power products and wireless emergency call box systems. Comarco's industry-leading Seven.Five(TM) wireless test system for field test applications allows cellular telephone system operators to improve the quality of their cellular phone service through voice, video and data benchmarking and system optimization using advanced QoS algorithms and a unique multi-technology RF scanner. Seven.Five's open architecture supports both current cellular operating system technologies and the new 3G systems being implemented all over the world.


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